Friday, March 15, 2013


Keys in hand and oh so HAPPY!  Just wanted to say thank you all for the constant encouragement and well wishes.  Today is a good day.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Last Rant (I hope)...

One word that would have made this experience totally different for me.....Communication.

I totally get that my case was a differenct case (in terms of loan approval & having to jump through a few more hoops than most buyers).

I get so annoyed by having to seek information.  If you tell me that you'll be in contact on Wednesday or Thursday... and it's Friday.  I expect to hear from you on Friday explaining why I didn't hear from you on Wednesday or Thursday and when you expect to have some "good" information for me.  I don't like to have to ask what happened? It's stressful. 

As an IT Business Analyst, working on multi-million dollar application development projects, if I don't make a deliverable deadline, I make sure that my PM and Developers are aware ahead of time.  I can't wait until a week after a deliverable was due and apologize that I didn't deliver.  I say "this is why I can't deliver on X date, I am awaiting information from X, here are the dependencies, and here is when I expect to deliver".  That is what is expected of me in this line of work. 

Is that too much to ask for????

Having to seek information when I'm sitting here on pins and needles waiting to hear some god news makes my blood boil.

Ready to Close, Over it, Never Again


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Counter Depth vs. Standard Refrigerator

I was just curious to know if any of my fellow bloggers purchased Counter Depth refrigerators vs. Standard?   Was it aesthetics that lead you to do so?

I was in H.H. Gregg yesterday, shopping for the best deal and I came across a pretty good one.  Well when I gave the Salesman the fridge nook measurements he told us that we'd have some serious counter to fridge over hang if we went with the Standard fridge (something I'd never even thought about) so we might want to consider Counter Depth. 

Are measurements are:
Height = 71 1/4"
Width = 40 3/4"
And to give us an idea of depth my PM said that counter tops are 25 1/4' off of the wall. 

The Salesman showed us a Counter Depth Fridge against a cabinet that was pretty close to our dimensions.. and I did love the look of it being in linewith the Cabinets and Counters but of course it was almost double the price of the fridge we were looking at & much smaller for the price. 

I'm a fan of clean lines so I wanted something Standard like the one pictured. below (French Doors without the ice maker or water on the outside)

Now I'm wondering if Counter Depth is the way to go, or if the overhang will be something I can live with.

Monday, March 4, 2013

I Didn't Think It Would be This Hard!

I just want to close already.  I don't even want to see the house until I have the keys to unlock the door.  Last I spoke with the LO, they were awaiting the appraisal.  3/15 seems like a year from now. 

I'm praying that I get a call this week that I'm good to close.