Monday, December 17, 2012

Today In Blank Stare News

What a day!  Got to the lot at 9:55am and it was like Grand Central Station.  Got to see the roof go up and a big delivery of heating and air goodies being parked in the garage. 

The walk through this morning with Structured Cable uncovered the mystery of the 2nd floor that I mentioned in a previous post.   I thought that it was just me being a very visual person that kept me from being able to actually "get" the reverse model layout.  Once we finally got the second level added, I stood in the middle of the space, scratching my head like what am I missing here.  Well today, while standing with my Structured Cable Rep, CM, it hit me... The second level was framed backwards.  First level clearly reversed, second level, not so much. 

1) There was only 1 window (off center) in the Master Bedroom (there should be two).

2)  The two windows and the bathroom window above the soaking tub that should be in the Master were on the left side of the house.  The Master Bedroom is on the right side of the house in the reverse model.
I called my PM, and he said  that the framers were not done yet, but he'd look into it. 
I assume it's not too hard to fix.  The rooms on the front of the house are ok.   

That aside, I think that the cable and wire walk through was premature.. I kind of had to guess where I wanted everything.  There were no walls or perfect framing to really give me an idea of where to put these things.  So after much thought, I will be asking for a do over in the morning. 

The single window on the right side of the house it where the Master Bedroom is. The windows that should be in the Master Bed & Bath are on the Left Side of the house.

Sunday we didn't have a roof & Monday morning at 9:55am,  this is what I saw.  I have to give it to them.  These guys work fast.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's a Wrap on Day 27

We have our second level, a few windows, the missing walkout opening, and we're all wrapped up.  I got a good look at the first level and could make good sense of it, the second level was another story.  Since our Palermo will be a reverse model it's kind of hard for me to envision the space since the Model home is stuck in my head.    Scheduled to walk through with Structured Cable in the morning but I think that I will be hard to make sense of what will be where.  We shall see.   Here are a couple photos of the progress the crew made on Saturday. 
One more blooper that I hope will not go unnoticed... Since this is a reverse model there should be 2 windows in the Owner's Bedroom on the back of the right side of the house.  I see two double windows on the left side & the small window which I believe is the master bath window also on the left side.  Hmmm?  
Dining Room with Windows.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Week 4 Progress

I got a call from Structured Cable yesterday, I thought it was very interesting that he informed me that drywall was going up on 12/20 so we went ahead and scheduled the walkthrough for Monday, 12/17.   

Kiddo has been out of pre-school all week with a nasty cold so he has been getting a kick out of our lunch hour visits to the lot to see the progress. 

Two levels now... hoping for the 2nd floor by week's end.  Things slowed down a bit this week.

Standing in the kitchen looking into the Family Room.  I'm going to really miss that Morning Room.
This seems a little tight without it.   

Basement View.  Still curious as to how this space will feel with the unfinished spaces
closed in. 
Very happy that we added 5 additional windows. I love natural light. 


Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Sense a Mistake

I went by the lot today and it looks like the crew worked on Saturday.  Walked to the back of the house and saw that the entire back of the basement had been framed in.  I expected to see an opening where the sliding glass doors should be (since I have a walkout basement).  
I don't want to be a build stalker, I would like to sit back, visit every few days and expect that everything goes as planned.

**Update:  I may have panicked a bit.  I've learned from other RH bloggers that in mot cases the door comes later (once it's decided exactly where it should go.)  Honestly, I compare the build to many other the other builds and there is no clear science to it.  I've seen builds where it's there out of the gate, and I've found on another blog that is was done later, as is the case here**

Friday, December 7, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I messed up

On my visit to the lot yesterday I found the crew adding Brick to the foundation.  10 minutes later, it struck me..  when I couldn't sleep over my first siding choice (silver mist), I submitted a change order to have Spanish Olive siding instead.  I didn't revisit the brick color choice thought.  Uh ohh! 

I don't think the brick that I chose (Grand Caramel) will look too hot with the Spanish Olive siding, dark green shutters, and red door.  I rode past both of the Spanish Olive homes in the neighborhood and they both chose a nice red/orange brick.  

I can't cry over it now.  I'm just going to accept it as a mistake on my end and be optimistic that it will look fine.   
 The tree debate is still on going. I didn't walk the lot with my PM at the Pre-Con meeting, Kind of wishing I did now.  I have a meeting with my SR today and 3pm and will bring it up to him first. 
See the evidence below. 

What do you think?
1)  Should the trees should be cleared back as far as the neighbor's trees?   
2)  Should trees that are dead & have fallen over be removed?
See the neighbors yard on the right.  His has been cleared to the green sign that I circled in red.  The sign just indicates that the space beyond the sign is a Resource Protection Area that must remain in a natural state. 

Dead trees that have fallen over.

Lot narrows on the right side.  I'm assuming this is why I couldn't have a morning room. 

Brick Choice - Grand Caramel