Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I messed up

On my visit to the lot yesterday I found the crew adding Brick to the foundation.  10 minutes later, it struck me..  when I couldn't sleep over my first siding choice (silver mist), I submitted a change order to have Spanish Olive siding instead.  I didn't revisit the brick color choice thought.  Uh ohh! 

I don't think the brick that I chose (Grand Caramel) will look too hot with the Spanish Olive siding, dark green shutters, and red door.  I rode past both of the Spanish Olive homes in the neighborhood and they both chose a nice red/orange brick.  

I can't cry over it now.  I'm just going to accept it as a mistake on my end and be optimistic that it will look fine.   
 The tree debate is still on going. I didn't walk the lot with my PM at the Pre-Con meeting, Kind of wishing I did now.  I have a meeting with my SR today and 3pm and will bring it up to him first. 
See the evidence below. 

What do you think?
1)  Should the trees should be cleared back as far as the neighbor's trees?   
2)  Should trees that are dead & have fallen over be removed?
See the neighbors yard on the right.  His has been cleared to the green sign that I circled in red.  The sign just indicates that the space beyond the sign is a Resource Protection Area that must remain in a natural state. 

Dead trees that have fallen over.

Lot narrows on the right side.  I'm assuming this is why I couldn't have a morning room. 

Brick Choice - Grand Caramel


  1. We had an issue with how our lot was cleared as well, we just brought it up to our PM and SR and after a few emails back and forth we got more cleared... good luck!

  2. Geesh, TechMama, I feel your pain regarding the exterior colors. I spent months agonizing over them. I must admit the silver mist would have been gorgeous with the brick!! I finally saw silver mist in person and I have to admit its gorgeous! Seems to me they should entertain the removal of the trees. The question on my mind: are the trees on your property line because it gives you leverage to move them and the next question would be who would pay you or RH? If it is not on our property, you probably would have to submit a special request to the county for approval. Take a look at your permit and locate the property line. It will answer a lot of your questions.

  3. I love the grand caramel brick! I think everything will look good together.

  4. Have you gone to the model and picked out the samples and put them all together, if its terrible, maybe the SR can help you out? Just a suggestion...Good luck :)

  5. I thought about this earlier but didn't type it.. If its really important to you check to see if you can change the siding colors since the materials have not been delivered or installed but you may or may not have to pay a fee. It's worth a try and you may discover that the scheme you chose wasn't available and the color was just added and get the correct scheme approved by RH.

  6. I second Nadase. I would would get to the model, check the colors together and see if you like them. If not, find out what your options are. When the wrong color siding was put up on our house, they were able to get the right color in only a couple days. It may cost you a fee, but it will be worth a small fee to not hate the exterior of your house. The whole point of building is so that you can customize the house to your liking. Good luck!

  7. We picked Grand Caramel to go with our Irish Mist, which is a little lighter than the Spanish Olive, and I LOVE it! It's more understated than a red would be. Also I really didn't want red brick to go with my green siding, because I thought it would look a little Christmas-y. Plus my current house has a red deck and I'm tired of the color, but I digress. If you're really stressing the color, definitely see what your SR can do for you. I think you might end up liking it, though. :)

    1. Thanks for pointing that out Amanda. I looked at the pics you posted and the Grand Caramel brick was a great choice for your siding. I feel better already :)

    2. Happy to help! :)

      I just noticed that above I said Irish Mist, but it's Irish Thistle. Oops!