Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Got Called to The Office...

Not really, but it felt like it.  I got a call that some of the things that I posted on the blog, that were giving me heartburn, were bought to my PM's attention.  A little awkward but I guess its only fair, RH is really looking out for their reputation. 

My PM took the time out to call me and address each issue line by line.  In his defense, I felt bad because I hadn't addressed the issues with him at the time of the post but he definitely beat me too it.  Had a nice little walk through today and he eased all of my fears. 

I basically laid it out as any person new to this would.  This is my first home purchase, first time building a home, I've heard some good stories about RH and I've also heard some horror stories.. At the end of the day, I don't want to be stuck with any "new construction issues".  I've read so many blogs, reviews, or heard first hand accounts and ssomething that may look minor to someone in this business, looks like the biggest mistake to me.  Please excuse my fear but I thinks it only natural.  Out of the gate, I had a few issues that sent me straight into panic mode and as I get closer to the closing date, the jitters keep growing and growing. 

Nonetheless, I feel a lot better today.  Everything I pointed out was addressed and will be taken care of. 

My home looks BEAUTIFUL, the more I see it, the more I love it.  As of today I have

Fixtures Installed
Cabinets Installed
Kitchen Tile Complete
Master Bathroom Time Complete (Love it!)
Powder Room Hardwood Floors Complete

The inside of the house is really starting to take form.. so exciting!

Pre-Settlement walk through scheduled for 2/21 & Closing for 2/25.  After all the loan approval drama I had, my loan went back to NVR.
42'' Tahoe Square Cherry Bordeaux Cabinets - Antique Mascarello Counters - Dal-Gres Russet Floor Tile

(Daltile) Dal-Gres Russet (DG32). 

Daltile in Fidenza Cafe (FD02) -  Listello Stone Radiance Morning Sun/Tortoise/Mushroom Blend (SA52)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I hate to be Mrs. Debbie Downer but uuuugggh!

I stopped by today and found that the shower and tub tile had been installed (very nice),  my espresso vanity upgrade has finally arrived, the kitchen cabinets and island are installed,  appliances in the Family Room ready to go, all of the doors and trim and at least a few coats of primer.  I also found a big "NOT APPROVED" notice from the County taped to my beautiful kitchen cabinets. 

For what you ask?  The basement plumbing rough-in. I had a hunch that is was not positioned correctly (as noted in my previous post). 

I also found that the HVAC unit had been relocated.  My unfinished storage space seems to have some sort of  plumbing leak.  The insulation around the pipe is hanging off of the wall and damp to touch.

The basement walls have some bulging  & cracking at the (drywall) seams.  

Mismatched trim on the capped wall at the bottom of the stairs. 

I try not to nitpick every little thing but seriously?!  I would much rather my PM bring this stuff to my attention, like "Hey, if you stop by you might see this but don't worry" than for me to have to bring it to his. 

I know you all think I'm being too nice (& you're right, my whole family thinks I'm a push over) but at this point Im over it.  I'm a get it right the first time person and I think I've been a little too relaxed when it comes to these bloopers.  A home inspection is at the TOP of my list and a walk through to point out my issues and understand the remedy. 

My first thought was to stop going by all together and just show up after closing and hope to have a nice, thoroughly constructed home but I don't know, something about that gives me heartburn. 

Of course I was so pissed that I didn't take pictures.  Maybe this weekend.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 55 ( I'm Back)

A lot has happened during my short hiatus.  Our lease is up , we have moved out of my apartment, moved all of our stuff to storage (I had no idea we had so much stuff) & moved in with relatives until the house is done.

We had our pre-drywall walk through on 1/2/13 and it went well.  Basically reviewed all of the electrical, the plumbing, and verified all of my structured cable upgrades.   Two days later we had walls.  PM plans to have the house done on  2/25/13 but we have yet to receive an official closing date.

I have been too busy to stop by and actually go in but I drove by today, and saw that all of the goodies that were in the garage were no longer there.  That means when I go by in the morning I should have cabinets, doors, and trim in place.

A couple of things I learned at the pre-drywall meeting:

1) Yes, the walkout door is in the wrong place according to the plans BUT with the way the lot is graded, it would have been impossible to put it on the correct side.   He was very apologetic for all of the mishaps along the way.  This is the first Palermo he and his crew have built and said that they were not as familiar with the plans as they are with other builds. 

2)  My final change order (yep, the one I signed in September) never actually made it.  So the upgraded vanity that I asked for in the Master Bath was not there and of course, the standard one was.  I am so glad that I asked my PM if he had received all the right cabinets because I noticed that a number of RH bloggers asked for one thing and got something totally different.

3)  The tree debate is ongoing.  My PM said that he thought that my lot was the one lot that had a weird line for the Resource Protection Area so he'd had to have the area staked out before we can get rid of the trees we don't want.  He agreed that the dead trees that have fallen over and branches was messy and agreed to have those hauled away.  Until we get the RPA staked out, we won't know what trees we can touch.

I hope to have lots of good photos tomorrow. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pre-Drywall Meeting in the morning..

I'm a little worried (disclaimer: I'm a worrier). I've been reading other blogs to get a feel for what to expect from the meeting & a lot of folks seem to agree that it's a good idea to have a professional inspector there with you. At this point, I'm a little late with a 9am walk through scheduled.

What are some tips you can share from your walk through or things that really stuck out that I should be on the lookout for?

An update on our progress: All of the siding is up & I love the siding color choice against the Grand Caramel brick. We are waiting for the brick to be finished on the back of the house but i love it. The Garage floor is in & all of the electrical & insulation completed last week. Another uhh ohh brought to my attention by someone who was on site last week; Somehow some plumbing in my basement was covered by the Heating & Air Unit. I didn't mention it to my PM but will be curious to hear about this one in the morning.

The basement walkout door stayed on the wrong side (as compared to the plans) but of course, the waste of space (aka storage) was still put in place. We have already agreed that as soon as we close on the house, we're having the storage space completely finished. I pictured the basement being much bigger.

I am happy with my progress so far, minus the few bumps in the road. Hoping to get an accurate completion date in the morning.

Happy New Year