Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Got Called to The Office...

Not really, but it felt like it.  I got a call that some of the things that I posted on the blog, that were giving me heartburn, were bought to my PM's attention.  A little awkward but I guess its only fair, RH is really looking out for their reputation. 

My PM took the time out to call me and address each issue line by line.  In his defense, I felt bad because I hadn't addressed the issues with him at the time of the post but he definitely beat me too it.  Had a nice little walk through today and he eased all of my fears. 

I basically laid it out as any person new to this would.  This is my first home purchase, first time building a home, I've heard some good stories about RH and I've also heard some horror stories.. At the end of the day, I don't want to be stuck with any "new construction issues".  I've read so many blogs, reviews, or heard first hand accounts and ssomething that may look minor to someone in this business, looks like the biggest mistake to me.  Please excuse my fear but I thinks it only natural.  Out of the gate, I had a few issues that sent me straight into panic mode and as I get closer to the closing date, the jitters keep growing and growing. 

Nonetheless, I feel a lot better today.  Everything I pointed out was addressed and will be taken care of. 

My home looks BEAUTIFUL, the more I see it, the more I love it.  As of today I have

Fixtures Installed
Cabinets Installed
Kitchen Tile Complete
Master Bathroom Time Complete (Love it!)
Powder Room Hardwood Floors Complete

The inside of the house is really starting to take form.. so exciting!

Pre-Settlement walk through scheduled for 2/21 & Closing for 2/25.  After all the loan approval drama I had, my loan went back to NVR.
42'' Tahoe Square Cherry Bordeaux Cabinets - Antique Mascarello Counters - Dal-Gres Russet Floor Tile

(Daltile) Dal-Gres Russet (DG32). 

Daltile in Fidenza Cafe (FD02) -  Listello Stone Radiance Morning Sun/Tortoise/Mushroom Blend (SA52)


  1. Glad your concerns were addressed! The house looks beautiful! We got the same cabinets so I love seeing them in action!

  2. I'm glad your concerns were addressed too! Wow that's a lot of grout to seal, but the tile looks great!

    1. You and your grout...LOL........I hafta laugh.. :)

    2. LOL it is funny!! I have sealed the grout twice but headed back to Lowes -- I want three treatments and forgot to seal the backsplash too!

  3. It's good to know all of your concerns were addressed! Wow you are moving fast! We have the same closing date as you but your home is definitely further along than ours. Nothing is up yet in our home, everything is still in boxes in the garage. Love your pics!


  4. Love the tile floors...BUSTED huh? I've been called out also. It's funny, sometimes when I post something I think.......for sure I'm gonna get a phone call on this one.......and I don' just never know...

  5. The house is coming along nicely! We also have the same closing date, but like Burton Hill, everything was still in boxes last weekend. I hope to see half of what you have going on!!

  6. Hi TechMama, I am glad you are satisfied because I was irritated for you!! It is hard to know everything to do as a first time home buyer!

    You kitchen is cute with the pretty tile! Wait until they out in the granite!! It's going to be awesome ! What color did you choose for your granite and I love that you were able to get the Durango shelves for the bathroom! YES!

    Start thinking about how you are going to use the towel bar that they install over the tub! It's so far from the shower! I plan to keep that bar housed with decorative towels and have a over the door towel rack with hamper behind the water closet door.

    You know presentation and functionality with style is important. Lol smiley face

    Excuse any typos typing from my iPhone

  7. Glad everything is coming along. I love the cabinets (I have the same ones) and the tile choice. I am so happy for you. Everything is taking shape in your house.

    I kind of wished that I got the shelves now in the master bath. I just wasn't thinking when I was in Rite Rug. I was already irritated by the additional amount we had added on. I wish they would tile the bottom instead of adding that pan. My husband hates the pan...he says it looks cheap, LOL.

  8. I'm glad things are working out for you. Don't worry about your PM wanting to 'talk' with you about things. I tried to be as nice as possible, but I also had to be honest with my blog. You are paying RH plenty of dough to build you a good house. Trust me, they are making a mint off of each house, (whether they admit it or not, it is true). They can deal with you complaining and expressing your opinions; and if they can't, well...TDB.

  9. Hey! Love the house! I'm in Richmond too... and I am building a Ravenna in a neighborhood not far from yours (we visited the model there!). I just started a blog as well. I am excited to continue to read your updates!

    1. Awesome! I'd love to follow your blog but I can't find a link.

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  11. Good to hear your PM is finally doing his job. Well not really, It's his job for quality control, not yours (customers). Why do you need to say and point out problems for them to fix? They are suppose to be trained professionals and you are paying a lot of money for a quality new house. It doesn't have to be perfect but things that an untrained normal person can see, they don't see until you point them out. ridiculousness!!!! :)

    I'm still waiting for my house the break ground (Shakespeare - contract signed over 70 days ago), I just hope my PM is more vigilant and take quick action to fix things without me pointing it out for him.