Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 55 ( I'm Back)

A lot has happened during my short hiatus.  Our lease is up , we have moved out of my apartment, moved all of our stuff to storage (I had no idea we had so much stuff) & moved in with relatives until the house is done.

We had our pre-drywall walk through on 1/2/13 and it went well.  Basically reviewed all of the electrical, the plumbing, and verified all of my structured cable upgrades.   Two days later we had walls.  PM plans to have the house done on  2/25/13 but we have yet to receive an official closing date.

I have been too busy to stop by and actually go in but I drove by today, and saw that all of the goodies that were in the garage were no longer there.  That means when I go by in the morning I should have cabinets, doors, and trim in place.

A couple of things I learned at the pre-drywall meeting:

1) Yes, the walkout door is in the wrong place according to the plans BUT with the way the lot is graded, it would have been impossible to put it on the correct side.   He was very apologetic for all of the mishaps along the way.  This is the first Palermo he and his crew have built and said that they were not as familiar with the plans as they are with other builds. 

2)  My final change order (yep, the one I signed in September) never actually made it.  So the upgraded vanity that I asked for in the Master Bath was not there and of course, the standard one was.  I am so glad that I asked my PM if he had received all the right cabinets because I noticed that a number of RH bloggers asked for one thing and got something totally different.

3)  The tree debate is ongoing.  My PM said that he thought that my lot was the one lot that had a weird line for the Resource Protection Area so he'd had to have the area staked out before we can get rid of the trees we don't want.  He agreed that the dead trees that have fallen over and branches was messy and agreed to have those hauled away.  Until we get the RPA staked out, we won't know what trees we can touch.

I hope to have lots of good photos tomorrow. 


  1. TechMama, you house has come a long way and it is looking pretty good! I hope you are okay with all that has taken place with your home. It seems like they should at least accommodate you for the mishap (give you the master bathroom cabinet that you ordered). Or did I read that wrong, they are going to get the right cabinet for you? You are being a good sport about all of this!!

    I can't wait to see the inside. I love the colors of your exterior!

  2. I agree with Nadase, you are being very calm and nice about all of this, but I would definitely make sure they correct and/ or accommodate the mistakes. Have you thought about getting your own inspector at the end? I would even be so bold as let RH know that they need to pay for it due to all the issues. Just my 2 cents! That being said, the house looks great!

  3. It would have been nice if they'd explained the issue with the walkout basement door and the grading during your pre-construction meeting so you'd at least know why it was in the wrong location. I think the stuff about this being the first Palermo they've built is just a cop out. You shouldn't have to settle for a sub-par home because this is the first Palermo they've built. Blueprints are blueprints... if you can read one set you can read them all.

    I hope they are going to fix the goof up with the master bathroom cabinet!

    You've been much calmer with all of this than I think I would have been. And I think I'd with Elise, I'd make sure I got a building inspector to look the house over after everything that's been done and then corrected so far.

    Hopefully you won't have any more issues... I think you've already had your fair share!

  4. Oh wow - you are at the same point that we our with our Palermo! We had our pre-drywall on 1/8 and they are finishing up the drywall in the next couple of days. We just received our letter from Ryan re: closing. Our walkthrough is 2/21 and our settlement date is 2/25. So you should be getting your letter any day now. We have also had a couple of mishaps along the way - but your home looks beautiful! Good luck with the rest of the build!

  5. Your house looks great! I absolutely love your exterior color and brick.

  6. Even though you have had a number of issues with the construction of your house, it really looks great! I love the outside, and you picked a great combination of brick/siding and color schemes. Be patient, it will work out in the end. You may need to continue gently pushing for what you want, but you will get it soon enough.

  7. Looks like your windows are in the correct locations now.
    How can a professional construction project manager make such a huge mistake?
    It would make me feel very uncomfortable living in a house built under the supervision of such inadequate person. In the back of my mind what other mistakes they made that I don't know about.