Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's a Wrap on Day 27

We have our second level, a few windows, the missing walkout opening, and we're all wrapped up.  I got a good look at the first level and could make good sense of it, the second level was another story.  Since our Palermo will be a reverse model it's kind of hard for me to envision the space since the Model home is stuck in my head.    Scheduled to walk through with Structured Cable in the morning but I think that I will be hard to make sense of what will be where.  We shall see.   Here are a couple photos of the progress the crew made on Saturday. 
One more blooper that I hope will not go unnoticed... Since this is a reverse model there should be 2 windows in the Owner's Bedroom on the back of the right side of the house.  I see two double windows on the left side & the small window which I believe is the master bath window also on the left side.  Hmmm?  
Dining Room with Windows.


  1. Wow! You look at you TechMama! You are rising UP!!

    go to Ryan Homes website and look for your floor plan. You will notice several options on the top right hand of the plan. Click the funny looking button and it will reverse your plan. Click the print button that is next to it and you will get a nice size print. If you print from the traditional file option it will appear smaller in size. I started using the reversed floor plan to recondition my visual aide of our home.

  2. Wow you got brick to grade peeps are in slow MO again...gesh.....!!

    1. Geesh!! I feel the same way!! The house that started the day before our home is finished! It seem to be a fast move but the reality is that our build was dragged out. We should have been closing the end of this month.