Wednesday, November 7, 2012

At The Starting Line

All went well today at the pre-construction meeting. It took about 90 minutes to go over everything.  My PM seems like a pretty thorough, Get-Ir-Done type of guy.  One slight hiccup though, my last change order didn't make it into the plans.  Luckily, I save everything so I provided a copy of it to my SR like "Here it is, I signed it and delivered to you, SR".  Quick fix. 

We'll be breaking ground on 11/14 and our ETA for completion is 2/21/2013.  Not bad.

Our lot was staked and was much bigger than I expected.  Since our home backs up to a natural lake our backyard will only be cleared back by about 25ft.  Anything past it falls into what is called an Environmentally Protected Area designed to keep the lake in its natural state.  With that though, we gained a decent amount of buffer space to the left of the house where the drainage easement is.   For us, it just means that if we build a fence we must make sure that runoff can flow freely down to the lake & for hubby, more grass to cut

I'm praying that everything goes smoothly & stays on track.  So far, I'm pleased with the experience.


  1. Congrats on getting a start date!

  2. Congratulations!!!! Looks like we have the same estimated completion date.....they told me i would be breaking ground before the month is over but didnt give me a specifiic date. im excited to follow your progress :)and again congratulations!!!

  3. SO HAPPY FOR YOU TECHMAMA!! Still is great news!! Get your camera ready! Because it will on and popping!!

  4. Congratulations!! Things are about to get really exciting. :)

  5. Excellent Progress. I would double and triple check exactly where you can build the fence. I too have an Environmentally protected area and most state rules suggest that a fence must be 35 foor setback from your property line! The More ya Know!!