Sunday, November 4, 2012

Preconstruction Meeting Scheduled!!!

My SR just called me (yes, this late) with good news.  Plans are in and the Pre-construction meeting is scheduled for Wednesday @ 4pm.  We'll break ground the following Monday 11/12/12. 

Going to bed with a super smile on my face & doing my happy dance. 

To all of you who've done this already, what should I expect?  How should I prepare?

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  1. Expect to have a fantastic time going over all the details of your new home.
    Be sure to eat before your meeting--to stay focused because your meeting may last longer than expected.

    Your PM will have your selection sheet with all options/upgrades for each room and all pertinent documentation related to your home. Have your list too that includes all your options so that the two of you can cross reference because your SR could have left some of the options off your selection sheet. You will be going over the selection sheet line by line and expect to walk the lot to discuss the placement of your home. In this meeting, you will also discover if any options are missing, if so, you need to put in a change order immediately.