Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Decisions, Decisions.

I am really having a hard time with the vinyl siding colors I chose. I think it's hard because I can't visualize the color choice on the house. There's only one house in the community with the exact same color scheme (silver mist siding, grey shutters, red door). We drove by to check it out but it didn't "Wow" me.
I think what I'm struggling with the most is that it sometimes looks white & I definitely didn't want a white house.

I really wanted a brick veneer front but once I changed the elevation for A to B, brick went from 4,990 to almost 14,000 so it was kind of out of the question at that point.

I think it would be lovely if Ryan Hones offered a virtual home builder of some sort. That way you could try out vinyl siding on your house, pick your features & see it as you add/delete features. That would have made this process so much easier for an OCD sufferer like me.

I'm leaning towards a green, dark green shutter, red door combo (pictured below)

**Update** I went back and got the Spanish Olive.  Now I can sleep at night.

Spanish Olive, Spanish Moss Shutters and Red Door that I'm leaning towards

Silver Mist, Gray Shutters & Red Door that I chose

Don't know what to do!


  1. Welcome to Blog Land, Tech Mama!!

    I totally understand how you are feeling!! When we first sat to pick our selections I felt rushed and picked the colors I focused more on the shutters/door--black with island pearl siding and aspen stone. I did not think much about the siding and the impact it would make on the exterior. But after seeing the island pearl siding, I realized that my house would be lighter than I wanted it to be. I went back to the SR and she said I only had three choices Autumn Beige which looks pink, Sandy tan or silver mist because the Stone Mountain Clay siding I wanted was already taken by my neighbor. I also found out my neighbors had green watch shutters which looked black and I wanted our house to stand out. So I chose the Sandy Tan siding with brown shutters/doors to create a warm curb appeal. After seeing the colors combined it did not have that wow factor I was looking for. I spent many sleepless nights dreaming about the exterior of our home. lol Three change orders later, I went back to black. I love the color black and I wanted black shutters/door. I also went back to the island pearl siding and switched from stone to a brick called common wealth which is very rich in color and would give the house the pop I am looking for. I just hope it turns out! So with all that said, I am suggesting that you follow your heart. What colors will make you smile when you drive up to your new home? Can you choose black shutters, red door and silver mist siding? The black would pop off the silver mist and the red door will give it the wild factor. Honestly, the gray shutters tend to blend with the siding; however, not a bad choice with the red door giving it a pop too. Follow your heart!!

    In the meantime, please feel free to follow our journey. Visit us at ricknadase.blogspot.com AND click on the join this site button.

    I look forward to following your journey too.

    1. I didn't even think about trying black shutters instead, the gray on gray just gives it a blah feel. After thinking about this long and hard over the past couple of days I finally went back to my SR and changed the color to Spanish Olive, with Spanish Moss shutters and a Red Door. The Silver Mist just didn't do it for me. Making the switch felt like the right thing to do and I'm now happy that I did it.

      Thank you so much for following!

  2. I went through the exact same thing! We ended up choosing Spanish Olive and it is a little nerve racking becuase no one in our community has it. I think overall it will turn out beautifully! :)

  3. This is EXACTLY my current dilemma! I had originally been leaning toward Spanish Olive, but learned I don’t get to pick whatever color shutter/door I want. So I went completely away from what I had been thinking and now I’m panicking. We picked the Silver Mist with gray shutters and it comes with the Rockwood Shutter Green door. I just don’t know what color shutters my community offers with the Spanish Olive. I want black, but I guess I’d be open to gray or spanish moss?? I DONT KNOW!!!