Monday, September 10, 2012

The Chair Debate...

We visited our local furniture stores over the weekend to get a feel for how we wanted to decorate the place and to make sure we budgeted accordingly to furnish the house.  I've had my apartment furniture for so long that we'll be ditching it.  We'll keep our current queen size bed for a guest room and maybe my current desk.

I have my eye on the following pieces for the family room but there has been great debate as to whether we love or hate this chair.  

Likes:  The colors - blue, tan, green and a light shade of orange.  I think there are endless decorating possibilities with those colors.  

Found a bar stool in the same store that matches the blue in the sofa pillows and the chair which would tie the kitchen and family room together well.  

I love the square shape of the sofa and love seat.  It gives off a very modern look.  

Dislikes: I just think that the chair is very busy, but I love it.  

The very funny thing about it is that my cousin, Ray, and I went shopping together and he immediately hated the chair.  He gave me a strong "No!".  His exact words were "I love the set, hate the chair".  We went to visit to model after leaving the furniture store and what was sitting in the office?  The exact same chair!  Don't know how I missed that the first time, but once I saw it there I loved the set even more.  

For the Basement (which will become our family room) I'm thinking of a nice red sectional with a red chair and ottoman.

What do you think????


  1. Absolutely love the red sectional :)

  2. I love the chair!! You can play with so many colors

    1. Thank you! Exactly my thoughts. With the room being open to the kitchen I think it would be great to bring colors from the chair into whatever I decide to do in the kitchen.