Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cable & Wiring...

Met with the cable & wiring folks at Structured Cable on Friday (9/14) & the meeting went much better than I expected.  I expected to be bombarded with High-Tech features and over the top prices but the prices were reasonable (in my opinion).  I took a good friend with some knowledge of the industry to the meeting & he would probably beg to differ. Most of the things I wanted to add he'd shake his head at and insist that I would come out a lot cheaper doing it myself.  Luckily, I have a week to finalize my options but so far I think I made good choices. 

I've included the prices in case anyone in the local market is curious as to how much these options run. 

The Standard Package includes 4 single port jacks of your choice in any location.  I chose the following:
3 cable jacks (Master, Bedroom 2 & Bedroom 3)
1 phone jack for the 1st floor office

  • (3) Additional Cable Jacks for the Family Room, Basement & 4th Bedroom ($149 each)
  • Basic Security System with 60 Month Monitoring Contract ($299 installed and $26.50 per month for 60 months)
    • The Security System includes 1, Master Control Panel, 1 Interior Siren, 1 Standard LCD Keypad, 1 Motion Detector, 1 Smoke Detector with Monitoring. 3 Door Contacts & 24 Hour Monitoring via a land line. 
    • If you don't plan on having a land line there is a $175 fee for adding the GSM (radio)monitoring and the monthly fee increases to $38.50.  This is a cool feature however because you have the ability to add the Total Connect Service which allows you to control & monitor the system remotely from your smart phone or computer. 
  • Prewire for 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System ($595)
  • Media Closet  in Basement ($895)
    • This includes a 50 foot HDMI Cable, Infrared Sensor Kit w/ 3 Flashers, 1 Multi-Media Jack & a 4 Shelf Audio/Video Rack.  I like this feature because it allows us to mount the television and have all of the "tv equipment" out of sight.  
  • (2) HDMI Wiring behind the TV to below for the Living Room and Master ($165 each)
  • (3) Power surges behind the TV's in the Master, Family Room & Basement ($75 each)

Other fancy features that they offered where a central vacuum system for around 3k, intercom system throughout the house (didn't inquire about pricing), music throughout the house around $2,300, upgraded options for mounting televisions and tricking out your security system. 

They will even mount Televisions that you own ($465 if you don't have the mounts) and you can purchase TV's and Theatre Systems from them directly. 

Another "decisions" appointment down, One more to go (flooring).


  1. Structured Cable...are you in Richmond VA? :)

    1. Hi Amanda. Yes, I'm in Richmond too :)

    2. Thought so! When we were still building in the West division they set us up for an appointment with Structured Cable. East division has Moseley. :)

  2. I agreed with your friend. Those prices are sky high. Not much work is involved running a cable during constructions (pre-drywall). Like you, I also pay for about 8 extra lines at their full price of $150 EACH!!!! We have no choice since we are not allowed to run our own cable during construction.